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If You're a Hard-Working Man Or Women, Independent Professional or Small Business Owner In The UK - I Encourage You To Find Out Why The Ultimate Passive Income Summit Is Absolutely Your Fastest, Easiest and Most Economical Way To...

  • SAFEGUARD yourself and your family against an impending economic collapse...

  • SET-UP multiple streams of passive income through online business...investing...and property...so that you're no longer dependent financially on a single income!

  • DISCOVER step-by-step solutions to make your money start working for you. Instead of you working for IT. Discover what the worlds wealthiest investors do in a crisis...

  • ACCELERATE your financial well-being so you can realistically have the option of retiring in luxury one day, rather than being forced by necessity to work until you die!

  • GET CONNECTED to hundreds of like-minded individuals like you and create thousands of pounds with Joint Venture Partnerships

  • GROW YOUR NET WORTH- SUBSTANTIALLY ...even if Britain does in fact plunge (as experts predict*) into one of the ugliest recessions we've ever seen in our lifetimes!

If sounds of interest to you, then please keep reading!

...Because On January 19th – 22nd, in London 14 of the most internationally renowned business and investment experts will be revealing to 350 select individuals …

"The World's Best PASSIVE INCOME strategies being used today by World's Wealthiest Investors and Business Leaders!"



Dear Friend.

Time is short, so let me get to the point. Your family's security rests on you reviewing this Alert through to the end. I urge you - DO NOT put this letter aside to read "later," because later may indeed be too late.

If you pay attention to what's going on right now in this country and across the world, then I imagine we share some of the same feelings.

  • Unemployment is sky-high...

  • Foreclosures are through the roof...

  • The value of the pound is tanking...

  • Billions of pounds of hard earned wealth are being wiped out in days and weeks...

  • And honest, hardworking people all across this country are now being forced to pay for the deeds of a few clueless leaders. Irresponsible actions of the few are affecting the lives of many millions of people.

Let's face it. The economic indicators are not looking good for us pulling out of a recession and it seems to indicate we are going in an even deeper one.

And If you're currently working in a job, or if you're self employed or running a small business, then I've got urgent news for you...

... You need to Become Concerned About This Situation Now! - Rather Than Later...

Because what most people are doing is this:

They're noticing what is happening in the world right now. They're seeing all the news reports carefully, and they follow the headlines with great interest. Just like some people do with silly soap operas like Eastenders.

I mean...Its not as if they don't understand what's happening. They do!

Sometimes you'll see these people at pubs and bars with friends locked in heated passionate discussions … shouting about "the greedy-bloody-bankers...and the slime-bag politicians are who've created this mess!" You'll hear them say.

And do you know what? I agree, with a lot of their viewpoints to a certain extent. But what I cannot agree with... What I'll NEVER agree with is...

... what they'll go and do next.

Because on Monday morning. First thing. As soon as they wake up...

... You'll see these very same people take their heads... and go and look for the nearest, deepest, darkest sandpit they can find.

And when they find it ...

...They Stick Their Heads As DEEP Into That
Sand As Humanely Possible!

...So deep in fact, that they somehow force themselves to FORGET everything they intuitively know and intellectually understand is happening in the world right now.

And they just carry on as if everything is 'normal'

Doesn't this sound crazy to you? Well, let me tell you. This is exactly what the MAJORITY of people are doing right now as you read this.

It's like lambs being led to the financial slaughterhouse!

Because not only is their purchasing power being devalued more and more as the government prints money like crazy with their quantitative easing measures. But the value of their property is being eroded too (which is for a lot of people, the only form of wealth they have.)

For example let me ask you a question...

  • How do you think it will affect YOU when the bank of England RAISE interests rates by 1-2%? Because they WILL go up! At the current record low of 0.5%. It just can't get any lower! ... So the only question is how much MORE will you be paying on your mortgage each month when it does?

  • And with UK unemployment figures now standing at 2.62 million in the UK according to The Office for National Statistics...and with 1611 people being made redundant every single day in the UK according to December 2011 UK debt statistics... how UNBEARABLE do you think life is going to become for people who're dependent on their jobs as their sole source of income over the next few years?

Every day! I hear new stories about my friends who're currently being treated like crap by their bosses. Yet they take it. They HAVE to. Because with so many people out of work right now, you could argue that their lucky to have jobs.

And I really do sympathize with these people.
Because it really DOESN'T have to be this way at all...

Because the solution really is simple...

STOP being financial dependent on your job... or from any one income stream for that matter.. And start protecting yourself (and your family!) Right now, By learning how to taking set up multiple streams of Passive income. Wouldn't you agree?

Let me ask you this...

Have you ever felt like you work and work and never get anywhere?

Have you ever felt like every penny you have is slowly squeezed from you?

Has it ever seemed like there's a conspiracy out there to keep you from being successful and wealthy?

Well, it should be no surprise -- it's true!

Someone once said that you can steal more money with a suit and a briefcase than you can with a mask and gun. Banks, businesses, lawyers and the Government are proving it today, and it's completely legal!

The Cards Are Stacked Against You

The world of business today is set up to grind away at what you have and what you make. Like an army of ants carrying crumbs from a picnic table, your money gets eaten up in bills, fees, insurance, taxes and a million other big and small charges that carefully and completely separate you from your money.

Take credit cards. The average Brit owes about £4226 on credit cards. At 17.9% interest and making minimum payments, it will take over 51 years and £11'023.00 in interest to pay it off!

Why do they set it up this way? So you'll never get out of debt!
It's a very crafty form of modern day slavery!

And that's not to mention all those mysterious 'fees' that seem to pump up your phone bill, utility bill and every other bill that comes. And late fees, service fees, sales taxes and a million other 'little' charges that eat up your money.

It's a constant, steady grind that's designed to eat up your money and line other people's pockets with it. It's no wonder that the rich get richer, and everyone else treads water or sinks.

Well, if you're sick of it, like me. And unlike most people out there you're actually willing to do something about it. Then I'd like to invite you with open arms to:

The first UK's 1st Ever

The best kept Secrets of World's Wealthiest Investors and Business People!

Grab your seat here

It's one of the most important seminars we have ever offered. However Only 350 people will be accepted to attend. This one-of-a-kind Seminar will bring together 14 of the world's most renowned experts in Passive income generation.

So, What is Passive income?

Also known also known as 'residual income' Passive income is "money you earn again and again month after month WITHOUT you having do any (or very little work). So we're talking about money you'd get every month from property rental income... international online businesses...stocks and bonds...precious metals... and lots, lots more!

Now let me assure you that the timing of this remarkable Event is no accident. In the first place, this is the only time in all of my years of hosting transformational business events, that I have been able to pin down the 14 "Leaders in passive Generation" to be at the same place, at the same time, sharing their knowledge on the subject of....

'The Quickest & Easiest Ways To Set-Up
Passive Income Streams In a volatile Economy
…Even If You're Starting From Ground Zero!

When you hear them speak, you will understand why this is so important to your financial future. As in all of my years in business, I have never seen the global economy as volatile as it is today

I mean we're already seeing...

  • Failed businesses and economic dislocations far eclipsing anything we've seen to date. (A quick look at all the abandoned shops on your local high street or town centre will prove this!)

  • Rising crime and rampant unemployment. (Remember the recent summer riots? and looting?)

  • Government hand-outs drying up, with an angry dependent class taking to the streets! First there was the student's hooligan- like protests in London… then we've had the big public sector row recently. But trust me. That's nothing. Wait until they cut tax credits...

Now, do you see why I've brought together the world's leading online business and passive income -- and put together the UK's first-ever Passive Income Summit at this exact moment in financial history? And, more to the point, now do you see why this is the one, single seminar you simply must not miss?

But, I have to warn you: The Passive Income Summit just 350 serious action takers. Like I said, it is highly intensive -- and rightly so...

Let me go ahead and say it right from the start: In all the business seminars I have put together over the years, I have never seen a finer speaker line-up with a better record.

Every one of them is a fabulously successful in his own right. And is at the top of their field. You simply could not ask for more than that.

Let me briefly introduce you to these remarkable "Leaders Of Passive Income Generation" - who will soon be your mentors and friends at The Passive Income Summit:


Minesh Bhindi

"How To PROTECT Your Wealth In Gold & Silver AND Generate a Monthly (Passive) Income BEFORE The Governments Latest Quantitative Easing Plan Kicks In' And Radically Devalues Every Last Penny In Your Bank Account ...OVERNIGHT!

Minesh started investing at just 14 years of age when his dad first introduced him to the powerful book 'Rich Dad Poor Dad'. By 16 he was negotiating multi-million pound property deals around the UK.

…And by 18 he'd secured his first property deal for £1,000,000 worth of property, £250,000 of equity and £68,000 of cash-back.

That's when his attention turned to investing in the stock market and Gold & Silver.

Today Minesh is the CEO of the most successful community of Gold & Silver investors worldwide at Gold For Life – ...AND he is the highest paid Gold & Silver investment coach in the UK.

At the Passive Income Summit Minesh is going to share with you...

  • How to restructure, step by step, your current investments and portfolio to take advantage of the boom cycle yet to come in Gold & Silver

  • How to allocate your money effectively in order to secure you and your families current AND future purchasing power, not only protecting yourself but your family too from the "debt system" and the imploding Monetary System in the USA & Europe.

  • Most importantly, Minesh is going to remove the veil and show you how the banks & institutions have been generating a cash-flow on Gold & Silver for the last 10 years just like Property, and how YOU can adapt their "income" strategies and get a passive, consistent, monthly income, utilizing the ONLY tangible currency assets, Gold & Silver.

The bottom line is this...
The value of our money is being depreciated at rates we've never seen before. And the only salvation is Gold & Silver, the only real currencies which cannot be manipulated by Governments worldwide and Central Bankers.

And that's why Gold & Silver needs to be a part of your portfolio is 2012, and there's no one better than Minesh Bhindi in the UK to show you how to protect your wealth, and hedge your wealth against fiat currency manipulation.

Click here to protect your wealth In Gold and Silver AND generate a monthly passive cashflow while doing so...

Nik Halik

How To Multiply Your Wealth -- Many Times Over -- By Effectively Leveraging Every Penny And Pound You Invest!

Nik is the founder and CEO of Financial Freedom Institute, Money Masters Global, The Thrillionaires® and iCoach Global.

He is a global wealth strategist, successful entrepreneur, international speaker, astronaut, high adrenalin adventurer and best-selling author.

Nik became a multi-millionaire and amassed great wealth through savvy investments in property and the stock market in his late 20's.

His group of companies have financially educated and life coached over 300,000 individuals globally. He is the real deal, creating millionaire clients across the globe.

Not only is Nik a successful entrepreneur, but he is also an avid, thrill-seeking adventurer. Among his various expeditions, he was one of the first explorers to dive down five miles and land on the bow of the Titanic….summit some of the highest mountains in the world… and was one of the privileged select explorers in the world to view the curvature of the earth from the edge of space.

At the Passive Income Summit Nick will be personally teaching you...

How savvy investors are generating between
$5,000-$30,000 Per Month Passive income in THIS economy!

  • The secret to acquiring shares WHOLESALE, not Retail. (To massively increase your returns profits!)

  • Exactly how you can RENT OUT YOUR SHARES and
    become a Sharelord®.

  • The little-known way to INSURE YOUR SHARES using NONE of your own money…

  • A Beginners guide to generating between 3% - 9% on a MONTHLY BASIS from assets you DON'T even own….

  • PLUS! A step-by-step guide that will allow you to quickly dismantle credit card debt and 
    pay off a home mortgage using the passive income from shares!

Click here to start generating Passive Income from Shares!


J.T. Foxx

For the man (or women) who hopes to one day retire in luxury - with a few steady income streams that require little time and effort to manage....

J.T. Foxx started investing 6 years ago with nothing more than a rusted out Ford pick-up truck, $974 dollars and the clothes on his back.

Now just four 6 years later, he has closed over $40 million in real estate deals, become an internationally recognized speaker and developed a multitude of successful business ventures – all by mastering the Art of partnering, branding & marketing.

J.T. is most recognized as a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur but he is also a popular nationally syndicated weekend radio personality of the "J.T. Foxx Show" and the "Canadian Wealth Show".

Even though his recognition and success in business and radio continues to rise, J.T.'s true passion is teaching and reaching out to those who dream of achieving their goals by creating differentiation and thinking differently. J.T. teaches the same practical applications he utilizes daily and that actually get results in today's rapidly changing marketplace, bottom line his techniques work.

J.T. is beloved by his audiences for his results oriented, no-nonsense approach to business and to life – but most importantly because he gives them the tools not only to make more money, but to thrive and make a powerful impact for the better.

At the Passive Income Summit T.T will personally share with you…

  • How to Think Bigger, overcome your fears, have better focus, better time management, more accountability and procrastinate less with the perfect passive income real estate and business blue print.

  • How to build a residual real estate business through partnership and Strategic Joint-Ventures.

  • How to fund all your own your deals & businesses without using any of your money (Even if you have the funds to invest).

  • How to create WOW marketing & branding that provide you with a huge Unique Selling Propositions (USP) and a lifetime of passive income for any business.

  • How to network like and with multi-millionaires to get whatever you want to grow or partner with your business.

  • Find out how you can network and learn from the co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak 

Click here to get J.T.to help you reach financial freedom at light speed!

Chris Farrell.

'...Is It Really Possible To Create a Lucrative Income Online...?'

' ...Is It Really Possible To Create a Simple Website and Earn From It?'

Meet Chris Farrell.

He's 41 years old - from London, England -- but lives in the US with wife Frida - and his four dogs.
Chris was 'playing around' online at the very end of 2007. But I didn't take things seriously until 2008. When he put first site online:

  • After 6 months he had his first $250/day.

  • Within 9 months he had his first $1000/day.

  • In August 2010 - Chris launched his first ever high end product launch. The product went live on August 24th 2010. Less than 24 hours later - this product had made over $1million in sales (yes - $1 million)
    (All verifiable).

    The total sales over the 5 days - almost nudged $2million.

100% of that income was generated 100% online - and is 100% verifiable.

But what Chris is most proud of is that his Membership Site - was voted the No.1 Online Coaching Program for 2010/2011 - by IMReportCard.com

In an industry flooded by scam artists, he considers this a true honour!

As a result of this -- Chris has spoken with and been invited to speak with many great thought leaders and industry experts - including Brian Tracy, Gary Vaynerchuck, T Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, Richard Branson and even Bill Clinton.

At the Passive income Summit Chris will be sharing with you how to…

  • Step by step how a newcomer can make £150/day online

  • The three simple steps of how to make money online – explained SIMPLY

  • How to create a profitable online business – starting today!

Click here to meet Chris Farrell


Ron Holland

Why I'm Confident You Can Build More Wealth Than You Dreamed Possible – Even If Everyone Around You Says It Can't Be Done!

It's possible you may have seen Ron on TV or heard him on the radio. He's the world renowned bestselling author of the ground-breaking book 'Debt Free – with financial kung fu!

Rob's been busy for over 30 years helping transform thousands ordinary people into millionaires – what's unique about Ron's strategies is that he does this by first helping to unlock your business and personal problems… and then helping you unleash that blocked energy into creating massive streams of passive income!

At the Passive Income Summit Ron will share with you...

  • The secret to generating Passive income from 'everyday' assets you'd probably consider junk! - But to others would be considered SOLID GOLD

  • A beginner's guide to generating passive royalty income from books, songs and software.

  • Shares and bonds and how to get millions of them for FREE

  • How to develop a passive income from network marketing

  • PLUS! Some Ron's going to share some passive incomes generation strategies that he guarantees you'll NEVER hear anywhere else!

Click here to start generating passive income from assets you may not realise you possess –yet!

Warren Borsje – asset protection & international tax planning

School drop out challenges government. Makes £5m. 

Lives in 4 countries and pays little tax. 

Will show you how to :

Pay no tax
Be total international (like a ghost)


Mark Lyford


Finally! Generate Income From the Skills, Ideas and Experience You Already Have! How Does Six -Figures Sound? Seven-Figures?

Imagine the wealth you'd control if someone were to show you, step-by-step, how to make:

£1,650 in a single day. Not enough you say? Well then, how about doubling it-say £3,300? Let's see, over one year, that would give you...£1,204,500!

Now, I don't know about you, but to me, that's a lot of money, And you can bet I'd watch the person who could show me how to do that very, very closely.

And that's why you must heed every word Mark Lyford has to tell you…

And at the Passive Income Summit he'll show you:

  • How to launch a product and get 1000 buyers within a week

  • How to generate a $5000+ recurring income from membership sites

  • The Power of recurring income and what it can do for you
  • How I started my business with $20 and generated over $320,000 in the first year and how you can too

Click here to generate endless passive income steams with memberships sites!

Bill Walsh


How to Connect with Millionaires And
Transform your Passion into Passive Income!

Bill Walsh hosts events all over the world. He delivers a message of transformation and practical applications through life stories that help empower people to understand specifically what it takes to build successful companies.

As an accomplished author, speaker, radio personality and movie celebrity, Bill has the background to connect instantly with the audience by sharing the mindset, methods and systems required to win really big in the current economy!

In addition to this Bill has an extensive background in foreign currency trading, real estate development and building business in more than 30 countries. Over the past decade, his firm has specialized in helping companies launch, grow and create exponential valuation in the market.

At the Passive Income Summit Bill will be explaining to you…

  • 5 Secrets to Doing Million Dollar Joint Ventures

  • A step-by step- plan for creating your Ultimate 2 Year Success Plan

  • A simple way to Increase your Productivity & Profits for any business large or small…that won't require you to outlay a penny!

Click here to meet America's Joint Venture Capitalist & America's Business Expert Bill Walsh

John Lee

"Can Anyone can make a fortune in property? YES! If they follow these 3 simple rules:"

  1. Invest in property using other people's money

  2. Harness your fear

  3. Never give up!

Sounds simple enough right? But as you've probably guessed there's a little more to it than that…

In fact John Lee trains thousands of students around the world in his cutting edge he property investing, internet and wealth creation techniques. His book "Step by step guide to Lease options, was the first book in the UK to teach people how to invest in property without using a deposit or a mortgage! And it is currently the bestselling book on lease options in the world.

It amazes me, how much of the population is clueless to strategies like this. If you truly want to be armed with most powerful knowledge of generating passive income strategies then you must add these skills to your arsenal…

When you join us at the Passive Income Summit, john will personally explain to you:

  • How to find bargains houses automatically which you sleep

  • How to buy houses using other people's money and lease options 

  • How to buy a house 20-30%+ off the market value and make money when you buy not when you sell

  • How to make a £2-5k Passive income from one advanced strategy you'll get from me at the Summit!

Click here to learn the secrets of property lease options!

Matt Bacak


It’s True! Financial Independence Can Be Yours...
...Even If You Hate to "Sell!”

Look around at any success story and hidden somewhere nearby is a person or group of people who have mastered the art of selling.

That is how you create wealth. You transfer value from an asset you control to the hands of your customer or client. And you are compensated for that value.

So what are you supposed to do if the idea of "selling" turns you off? What if you're just not the type of person that likes asking someone to buy something?

The solution is simple.

With the power of the internet you can now hire an army of “commission only “salespeople otherwise known as…

…Affiliates & Super Affiliates to Continuously Sell Your Products and Services Month after Month...

 The best part is, they only get paid if you get paid! In the normal world of business, no one would take a deal like that.

But with an online web-based business, you can make this work. And if there is noone who has had more success, and who is more qualified to help you start doing this than Matt Bacak.

Matt has been dubbed the ‘ultimate internet marketer’ and was awarded the ‘Internet Marketer of the year award last year the internet marketing and JV super-conference, beating off a slew of the world’s top marketers.

Sought-after for his proven online strategies, Matt now devotes his time to coaching and consulting with others so they can benefit from the experience and gifts that made him an online millionaire before the age of 30. His uncanny ability to boil down vast – and often conflicting – amounts of complex information into the easiest path to financial success is unparalleled in the industry.

At the Passive Income Summit he'll be revealing...

  • How to Get an Army of SUPER-Excited Affiliates to Promote Your Products, Services & Launches


  • 7 Reasons Why You MUST Attract Affiliates to Promote Your Products & Services
  • 5 Steps to Quickly Sell Your Products or Services by Leveraging Affiliates (You'll LOVE Step 3... the BEST Part, where the Money is...)


  • The Little-known secret Matt used to build an army of 7,551 affiliates and break the all-time gravity record on Clickbank...2,086.87 Gravity

And lots more. You really will NOT want to miss a word of presentation. So my advice is to get here early!

Click here to get the secrets of earning MASSES of Passive income by harnessing the power of super affiliates!

Steven Essa


Steven Essa Reveals...

The Secrets Of Using Dirt Cheap “Click & Go” Webinars To Create A Virtual River Of Free-Flowing Cash!

You need to pay special attention here. Like me, you probably know very little about this man's speciality and that’s a real shame.

You see Steven is a world leading authority on webinar marketing.

(If you don’t know what webinar’s are think of them as basically online seminars!)

This one system has allowed him to tell his boss he was leaving for good, set up his new business in a brand new home, and travel the world at his leisure.

In less than two years, he's built a global client base and has shared the stage with many of the best and highest profile speakers in the industry. 
Steven has excited audiences in New Zealand, UK, USA, Ireland and Australia.

Over the past 18 months, Steven has trained hundreds of people to do what he does, creating the life of his dreams using the Internet… generating $4000… $8000… and $25,000 in a single hour.

In total, Steven has generated over $1.7M in sales from Webinars. And now it's your turn! It really is a VERY simple strategy, and the best part is...

It can all be done from home.

Here is just some of what you’ll discover from Steven at the Passive Income Seminar:

  • Where to promote your webinar to get floods of traffic coming to buy

  • How to run webinars using other peoples traffic (it’s easier than anything when you know how)

  • Discover how to get viral traffic from to your webinars

  • Create hours of content in no time flat to give away and promote traffic to your site (using nothing but social media sites)

  • Passive Income Automation webinar secrets, how to automate your webinar then have people begging you to promote, market and sell your webinar and product.

  • Where to advertise your webinars to turbo charge the traffic to your webinar.

  • How to find someone with a list, a product and a website and make 50% just for setting up a webinar… and get paid a passive income over and over again.  

  • How to easily create a never ending supply of quality content - and how to turn this into TRAFFIC

  • How to generate thousands of dollars a month in passive income

  • How to generate, $10,000, $20,000 up to $200,000 or more in 90 minutes (and why every smart marketer is loving it).

You can benefit from webinars no matter what business you're in. 
Steven will reveal how you can literally start your online business with nothing… simply using Facebook and Webinars to generate a solid passive income!

Learn how to generate endless streams of passive income with webinars!

Corina X


"The Lazy Chick Guide to 5-Figure Passive Income Streams"

How A $250 A Month Investment  Can Return Anywhere From $600 - $1,000 In Profit Every Month on autopilot.

Corinna X studied 'television production' at University... but by the time she reached her mid-twenties, she'd been made redundant FIVE times.

She soon realised that having a job didn't mean financial security, so she made up her mind to set up her own business.
Thanks to a Twitter-related software too, she was able to set up 171 Twitter accounts in just minutes... and got 100,000 followers in just 30 days.

She now makes more than $1000 per week thanks to social media and selling her coaching services online.

During her presentation, she'll be showing you

  • How one single email can generate sales over and over again... simple yet underground strategies for increasing sales time and time again with zero input

  • The Insider Secrets To Generating Massive Recurring Income Every Month Without a membership site

  • How to profit from tweets... Passive income through twitter means I tweet once and get paid forever!

  • "How to get 100,000 twitter followers in 30 days and make $700 a week even if you don't have a website, a list or a product."

Discover how to create passive income with Social Media!

Marco Kozlowski


Marco Kozlowski is well known as one of the world’s leading experts on delegation and systems process engineering. He is currently an owner in a wide variety of successful companies. From holistic centers and Cancer research facilities, to private business consulting, to recording companies - Marco's methodology has proven results.           

His business success began in the niche market of luxury real estate - where he built a multi-million dollar company from scratch and without start-up capital. Marco then leveraged the knowledge he obtained, to systematize and solidify the business process system that he teaches to business owners across the globe today.

WTF! - A title as bold as Marco.

Wealth: The Formula teaches business owners how to structure their businesses in a way that maximizes profit and compensation for the business owner and every single member of their team.

WTF is Marco's codified and proven system for building wealth in any business or industry. This is the same formula that developed himself and used to build 12 multi-million dollar companies - all with only a few employees, or none whatsoever.

That’s right! In the vein of Sir Richard Branson, Marco has mastered the art of delegation. His delegation methodology allows him to spend more time doing what he loves to do - HELPING OTHERS!           

His businesses run effectively and efficiently, while he is off living a life that he is passionate about.

The man who entered adulthood as a struggling Musician, and the father of 4 children, is now known to audiences and media outlets alike as “The Top Powerful Speaker in the World.”           

Marco channels his speaking talents into educating other business owners on the absolute best methodology for optimizing the profits of all involved parties. The formula for wealth has been identified and tested.           

His revolutionary system allows other business owners to garner the same stability and success he has experienced.

Click here to learn from Marco Kozlowski


markMark Anastasi




“Passive Income WILL HAPPEN For You, If You Decide To Spend Your Time On The Internet Making Money Instead Of Playing On FACEBOOK!”

Firstly, let me confess…

I’ve been totally broke most of my working life. And I don't mean, you're every day, just struggling to pay the bills broke either...

I mean real broke. As in not a penny to my name. At one point I was $12,000 in debt, jobless AND homeless...

I had to sell everything I had. I even had to go sign up for “Jobseekers’ Allowance” (unemployment benefits) to get £60 a week from the government.

Trust me. I know that sinking feeling of standing at an ATM machine, trying to get £20 out, and the screen flashing… “Insufficient Funds!”
So what happened? How did I manage to turn this situation around?
Simple. I attended a seminar. Like the one I'm inviting you to attend right now. I met someone who was generating a PASSIVE income online selling income.

And I did exactly as he taught me! Since then I’ve built on what I learned, and have created methods of my own.

By 2006, I had launched 28 e-books and was turning over $1million a year working from home sitting at my laptop.

Today, I have over 64,000 clients worldwide in 116 countries and have generated millions of dollars online!

At the Passive Income Summit I'll be showing you how to:

  • How To Go From Zero To $10,000 A Month In Passive Income in 28 Days!
  • How To Make £35,000 in 3 days thanks to Direct Mail!


  • How I Turned $952 Into $36,000 In 7 Days Thanks To Facebook!
  • How To Make $300,000 and get 6,000 new clients in 30 days!

And lots more!

Listen, I'm not going to insult your intelligence by leading you to believe that financial independence is something you develop overnight. In fact, it will probably take years. And that's if you're smart about it. (NOTE: It doesn't have to take long, however, to start generating an extra couple hundred pounds a week.)

One of the fastest ways to generate passive income is focusing and becoming an expert on the internet. In fact, the subject of passive income and the internet makes me think of something funny.

People spend hours on the internet: Facebook, Search Engines, News websites, etc. and they don't focus on learning the internet to make money.

One of the biggest concerns I get from people who’re looking to generate residual streams of internet income is that they say they don't have the time to learn, focus on it, and do it.

This is an excuse.

Whether or not you can build residual income depends on YOU.

When I built my business, I didn't watch TV, surf the internet or talk on the phone at night. I worked like everyone else during the day (at a job I hated!)  and built my business at night. Twenty eight days later, I had a solid residual income that allowed me to focus strictly on that.

“I didn't do anything different than anyone else. I made it happen and worked hard. If you are ready to do the same then the Passive income summit is where you NEED to be…”

Get Marks Methods For Creating An Extra £250,000 Per Year PASSIVE Income

As you can see each one of our speaking staff is well qualified and deadly serious about teaching you what you need to know to about creating multiple streams of passive income... whether that be from Online Business...Stocks and Shares...Gold and Silver investing... and Property. 

   As you can see we even brought in one of the world’s experts on Tax and financial planning too – just to make sure you're not paying out more tax that you should be!

   Very soon, these experts will be gathered under one roof -- for three full days -- to help you learn the secrets of create multiple streams of Passive income that'll protect you and your family against the financial storm coming up ahead...

In Life... Timing Is Everything

   Now, please understand, I know this is not the first -- nor will it be the last -- invitation you receive to an investment/ business training seminar.

   But, I can guarantee you; it will be the most important.

   If you reject this invitation -- if you give up your seat to someone else you are choosing to play Russian roulette with your financial future as we enter what many experts believe could be one of worst economic eras in our lifetimes.

   If, on the other hand, you accept this invitation and join a select group of just 350 savvy people either already established in business or investing – or just getting started.

You could totally change your life and being enjoying multiple streams of income in the next 12 months.

Grab your seat now to attend
The UK's 1st Passive Income Summit 2012 – 4 Day Event
Only £297.00! (Standard Tickets: £997)



Attending The UK's 1st Passive Income Summit is the best way to get yourself onto the financial fast track... once you put what you'll learn from these Experts into practice...

 Imagine how you feel when you've discovered...

  • How to quickly increase your cashflow even on a low salary!

  • How to win your first additional paycheque – without quitting your current job

  • How to beat the doubts and internal blocks that hold you back

  • how to build a financial ark against hard times by building cash-generating businesses and investments.
  • What it feels like to get a REAL education on how 'money works' (which I guarantee you didn't learn in school, even if you got a business degree! But which you WILL finally get from these experts!)

  • How to Get A Product To Sell Online If You Don't Have One Already And How To Get It For Nothing!

  • How to get as much money as you need to 'Roll Out' your business idea and get it without borrowing! Do you have a good idea? Is it tested? Can you prove it? If so there's a very good chance I can help you get all the money you need without you ever having to pay it back...or even having to pay interest!
  • The 5 biggest mistakes in stock marketing investing!

  • The amazing reason why Silver is now more valuable than GOLD!

  • The hidden “Black Hole” where most of the money you have tied up in your property portfolio will disappear unless you know about it beforehand!

  • The amazing way to make £90,000 in 5 minutes thanks to a Single Sheet of Paper! All you need to do it, is the desire to be rich...have an open mind...and be willingness to try something that may seem a little crazy... (at first!)
Grab your seat now to attend
The UK's 1st Passive Income Summit 2012 – 4 Day Event
Only £297.00! (Standard Tickets: £997)



  • How many people do you know who have good jobs but are still living from paycheck to paycheck? It’s so sad to see isn't it? Especially when there are 3 simple things can do to stop those pesky money leaks for good, and grow your wealth at light speed!

  • How you can have sales of millions of pounds (on autopilot) without ever hiring a single employee.

  • The 'special-little-place you can legally 'buy' your physical gold & silver away have it stored overseas where 'government snoops' can't see it!

  • Why so many books and manuals written about 'Passive Income' are filled with lies and actually harmful to your wealth! 

  • How you can know if any side business idea is any good without spending thousands of your hard earned pounds!

  • How To Make £30,000 in 3 hours from a database of 300 people (and I'll even show you exactly how to find business owners with FAR bigger databases then this, and who would bite-your-hand-off to learn the money making strategy I'm going to teach you, and best of all its totally passive. Do the work once. Get paid ALL YEAR LONG!

Excited? Just Imagine what having an extra £1000 … £2000....£3000... Perhaps even £11'000 per month pouring into your life will do for you?

Maybe you’d pay off some of those nagging bills… or take a trip to your favourite vacation spot. Or perhaps you’d buy a new car, a new computer, a big- screen TV – or just put it in the bank for a rainy day. Whatever it is, having extra money coming in can only add to your peace of mind and enjoyment of life.

Remember these 14 Leaders of Passive Income Generation started off just like you. Some were in jobs they hated. Others were hundreds of thousands in debt! Others were flat broke and even bankrupt!

Today they have MILLIONS. How? It started for them when they ALL made the decision to attend a seminar... to find a mentor... and to learn from successful people EXACTLY how money works. It Really Is Easier When an Expert Guides YOU!

Can you imagine a life without money worries? Can you imagine the freedom that brings? If so, then keep reading to find out more about:

  • How To Make Money Online When You’re New, Starting From Scratch, Don’t Have a Product, Don’t Have a Website, Or Any Money!

  • The Truth About Twitter! - How to set up the easiest passive income stream that consistently pulls in £500 -£900 per week on autopilot!

  • How to buy Gold for 20% BELOW market value...

  • The answer to the question: 'What is the fastest and most effective way to generate passive income online right now? Is it Ebooks? Affiliate marketing? Google Adsense? Something else altogether? Listen to Steven Essa's presentation before you do anything else!

  • The little-known secret to making thousands of pounds a week with Social Media by giving  something away absolutely FREE!

Grab your seat now to attend
The UK's 1st Passive Income Summit 2012 only
£297.00! (Standard Tickets: £997)

And Get OVER £1,000 worth of Bonus Content Absolutely FREE!



7 Secrets to Making BIG Money with Webinars.
This is a step by step of how you can use webinars in your business to sell your products and service and if you don’t have a product, we’re going to show you exactly how you can create a product in that 7 steps system.

How To Set Up and Promote a Webinar in 60 Minutes
We’re going to show you for the very first time how to setup a webinar and actually profit from it in 60 minutes. Literally in the next 60 minutes you could setup a webinar and make money and promote it and get people to your webinar and ultimately send it to autopilot. 

7 Secrets to Making BIG Money with Webinars.
We’re also going to give you an eBook of the 7 steps as well. So if you like to read, you’re going to actually read it instead of watching the presentation.

Webinar Profits Blueprint
We’re going to give you the 2011 Webinar Profits Blueprint. Now what is this? This is a way to generate huge amount of traffic to your webinar. I’ve never even revealed this to my private coaching clients yet. You are going to get access to that as well. It is a blueprint which shows you how to use webinars to build a list of anything from 1000 to 10,000 subscribers very, very quickly using this strategy.

Recommended Value £297 Yours FREE!

:Ultimate Passive Income Summit 2012:Speakers Free Gifts:Nik Halik Free Gift 1 - SharelordBrochure.pdfDiscover perhaps one of the most ingenious ways to create passive income, increase personal wealth all with reduced risk and excellent ROI

ShareLord is Nik Halik’s personal cashflow strategy generating HUGE returns every single month!


Recommended Value £297 Yours FREE!

Lifetime access to the Ultimate Traffic Generation Summit recordings from June 2011…
Including footage of:

  • Total Search Engine Domination For Fun and Profits
  • Living the Laptop Lifestyle – Outsourcing Secrets Revealed
  • Create Your Online Success Through Media Buying
  • Traffic Generation Insider Secrets & Pay-Per-Click Mastery
  • 'KaChing!'How to Own an Online Business that Pays and Pays
  • Mass Traffic Secrets – From Zero To $2m A Month
  • The CPA Millionaire’s 2011 Traffic Strategies

Recommended Value £97 Per Month! Yours FREE!

Access to 7 BRAND NEW ‘Special Reports’ revealing proven ways to make $5,000 a month on the Internet

  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To EBooks
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To List Building and Email Marketing
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To Local Business Marketing
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To Media Buying and Online Advertising
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To Membership Sites
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To Outsourcing
  • How To Make $5,000 a Month Thanks To SEO

7 reports

Recommended Value £97 Each [£679] Yours FREE!


and Where I Need To Be..."
  First, note this in your diary right now. The Passive Income Summit is going to be held in a luxurious 4-star Hotel on 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd January 2012.



Nearest Tube Station: Edgware Road

Now Let's Recap Shall We?...
Here's What You're Going To Get When You Register Your Seat For
The Attend The Passive Income Summit

(If there's any seats left!)


  • You Get to Meet Friends Who Are Ready and Willing to Help You! Life for an entrepreneur can get lonely. So it really helps to build up a network of people just like you who're also intent on living a truly fulfilling life, filled with passion, purpose and yes - lots and lots of money!

  • You Get 4 Full Days of Intensive Wealth Creation Training by the 14 Leaders Passive Income Generation in the world today. These 4 days are "wall-to-wall" information, and you hit the ground running immediately on your very first day — until the last! 

  • You Get £5,000+ in FREE Bonus Gifts. You get all these valuable bonuses free just for attending The Passive Income Summit.

  • You Get Unlimited High-Impact Content not only during the seminar itself but also with the many opportunities you get to meet and speak with our staff and VIP guests.
You Get 72 Hours of Top-Calibre Networking Contacts - you can mingle and rub shoulders with other attendees, giving you opportunity to create strong friendships, solid partnerships and potentially highly profitable alliances with like-minded people on the same path to wealth as yourself.

So if you are ready to make a massive change in your life.

If you are ready to finally cut up your credit cards.

If you are ready to be able to holiday 5 times a year.

If you are ready to see huge checks being paid into your bank account.

If you are ready to live a life that maybe in the past you have only ever dreamt about …

Then please...don't waste a second more of your time. And secure your ticket below. At £297.00 for an early bird ticket. Think about it. You would probably spend DOUBLE that on a night out, right?

…. And what would that give you?

...A dirty hangover the next morning? 

More debt?  A horrid feeling of regret?

Well, this is your chance to make a very 'small' investment in yourself that will pay you back over and over and over again! Take action...please don’t let this moment pass you by...

Just imagine what it would feel like to go to bed at night, and even before you wake up, your income has skyrocketed. Well, that's what these 14 Leaders of Passive income Generation experience, just about every day!

You see, as an independent business owner or investor... you're in total control of your own destiny. You’re the boss. Which means you'd never have to worry about getting fired, laid-off or forced into early retirement by some ruthless employer again.

If your life is NOT currently headed in this direction. Don't you think it’s time it was?

If so you can register your place right now!

Grab your seat now to attend
The UK's 1st Passive Income Summit 2012 – 4 Day Event
Only £297.00! (Standard Tickets: £997)



The Best Value You Will
Find Anywhere on the Planet

I have purposely priced the early bird tickets to The Passive Income Summit low so that YOU can afford to attend. And I am committed to helping you take the action steps, you MUST take in order to generate multiple passive income streams.

Look out across the marketplace and you'll realize very quickly that specialized knowledge about how to generate passive income can be very, very expensive. Just to get one-to-one mentoring with any of one of these guys would have you paying out up to £5'000!

Or you might pay £97 just for a copy of their books or course. Maybe even £197 or £497.

In fact, one of our experts I just heard about has raised his rates to a whopping £25,000. And that's for... half a day of his time!

The Passive Income Summit will cost you only £297.00 that’s just £297 for highly specialized -- and, frankly, priceless -- instruction from 14 of the world's leading authorities on online business... Property investment...Precious Metals... Tax reduction...and MORE!

You'll be getting very intensive training from these experts over three days.

You'll be networking with some of high level investors...and business people in the UK right now. Who, in case you're wandering... ARE THE PEOPLE YOU NEED TO GET TO KNOW!

Honestly, if you think that you can find any of this information that will be shared at this event from any books, or course out there...or on surfing the internet, you are sadly mistaken. The truth is these speakers are people who are USING these strategies, right now. They are NOT professional speakers. They are investors. Business owners, and wealthy individualists.

Believe me, I have gone to great length to get these experts on one stage for you. And that's because the timing has never been more urgent. No matter whether you're a freelancer pulling in six figures.. Or a high level employee (who loves their job!) and have one of the best compensation packages available in your chosen industry!

 ...The fact is, you will never  able to grow your wealth to its fullest potential if you don't learn to leverage and apply the power of passive income into your life...

Wouldn't you love the ability to have 'the choice' of whether to do your job anymore?

Do you really want to be forced to work every single day of your life until you die, out of necessity?

Wouldn't you say you're ready to discover the secrets of passive income generation. Real practical step-by step methods you can take home and apply straight away... and go onto teach to your family and friends and help THEM set up passive income streams too?
Honestly, I know this may sound daunting. But you CAN do this.

The only thing you lack right now is 'know-how' And The Passive Income Summit is where you'll get that knowledge. It’s the only place you'll get ALL step-by-step guidance, and hand-holding you need to start generating Passive Income streams in the most effective ways possible.

All you need to do is register your place right now. And show up. And then comfortably sit back and discover EXACTLY how you can put these passive income streams together...and get money pouring into your bank account...whether it’s from property, stocks and bonds, gold and silver...social media or any vehicle you choose to use. Can you do that?

...Of course you can!

So register your place at the UK's 1st Ever Passive Income Summit right now. Like I said, there are only 350 tickets available in the room. 100 tickets have already gone to our VIP's. There's only 250 spots left, and they will go in a matter of hours of you reading this I can assure you of that.

My Final Promise...

After the The Passive Income Summit, I can promise, you will return home... A changed person. You'll be transformed by your knowledge of how to generate passive income streams. You will enjoy the security of knowing that no matter what happens. You will have the skills to make money whatever happens.  You will have a sense of certainty of your business and financial destiny that defies description.

   A year from now, (if you take me up on my "irresistibly fair" offer), you'll be looking back on this decision to reserve your place at The Passive Income summit as possibly one of the soundest and best business and personal decisions you've ever made. You will be well on your way to building multiple streams of passive income. And being the captain of your destiny!

   Lastly, there is no feeling greater in the world of business knowing that you're perpetually creating revenue, cash flow and profits, on auto pilot... yes even while you sleep. Where you have the freedom to structure your own lifestyle... Where you run the business and the business doesn't run you...

  Where you don't just compete in your market, profession or industry, but you dominate it. I want this more than anything for you --- and this Event can  and will get you to that destination.

  In summary, I wish you the best of success and I sincerely hope to see you in London you in the 19, 20, 21 and 22nd of January so you can have the success you so richly deserve.

   So, I urge you to register: Don't wait one more moment to grab one of remaining 250 seats for this exclusive opportunity. Simply click on the link at the bottom of this page complete your details. And I'll send your bonuses right over to you without delay.-- do it now.

3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself
Now to Fully Evaluate This Opportunity...

  • Left to your own devices, how else can you effectively, proactively, and profitably deal with this volatile business economy?
  • If you lost your job tomorrow how would you cope? How else will you intelligently and effectively defend your family against the fierce economic conditions approaching us on ONE stream of income?

The Passive Income Summit
2011 Reservation Form

YES! I Want To Attend The Passive Income Summit in London. I want to spend 4 days being trained by some of the 14 Leaders of Passive Income Generation on 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd January, 2012.

I understand that, once my order is authorised, you will reserve my seat(s) to The Passive Income Summit in London, UK.

I understand that by ordering today I will be receive all £1,000+ bonuses mentioned at no charge after I have attended the event.

I understand I will learn marketing techniques from the speakers, wealth creation strategies, and crucial mind set and motivational secrets during the 4 days that will help me change my life forever.

I understand that you nor anyone else has made me any income promises as my income is dependent on my own efforts and motivation.

I understand this is a "By Invitation Only" event. I acknowledge that I must be invited to attend by a previous attendee or a business associate of The Passive Income Summit.

Reserve Your Ticket

Get 4 Days Wealth Creation Training For An Earlybird Price Of £297.00!

(Standard Price: £997)

buy now


Yours for a more successful... blissful, and truly satisfying life.








Mark Anastasi


P.S.  It's YOUR Choice: The Declining Economy...A Participant in one of the ugliest recessions this country has ever seen...your boss treating you like crap! Or the best Passive Income Investing and Businesses Training of a Lifetime!

P.S To "encourage" you to sign up now,  register you ticket below and I will include £5030 as a FREE bonuses. These bonuses were given to me from the 14 leaders of Passive Income generation who'll be personally training you at the event. They have used the material in these bonuses to help people make many hundreds of thousands of pounds in extra income. Register your ticket right now and these resources will be made available to you in the next 3 minutes ready for your immediate application and use.

P.P.S. I'll make this even more irresistible for you to sign up now: If you are one of the first 25 five people to register for the live program, you'll have a personal invitation to join me in a private session at the event where I will work personally one-on-one with you over a coffee or beverage of your choice to help you get your passive income started as quickly as possible!

If you can still read this. It means you are one of the 25. I'll be removing this offer the second they are snapped up!

P.P.P.S. Listen things are pretty stacked up against normal folks. Everything's been rigged so that most people spend their entire lives playing by a system that is setup for them to fail! Things are set up to make you fail!

At this point, you have a choice. You can continue to live "in the system" and be taken on a ride to its logical conclusion (which won't be pretty)... OR you can make a decision right now to take action towards living life on your own terms by generating PASSIVE INCOME STREAMS. So that nobody... not your employer...not the government...not your clients...can affect your income...Wouldn't you love to love like this? I want nothing more but for you to truly experience this level of freedom. I want to meet you in London, and I want to help you do this personally!

My invitation to you today is to join me on the journey down this new road to wealth and financial independence. I cannot promise it will be without its challenges. But I can promise that the destination of financial independence is well worth it. Independence is the new rich. And it most certainly is a better rich.

Attendance is Limited to Just 350 Select Participants

 -- So Sign up to Cash in NOW!

Studies So You Can See What Others Have To Say …


“I opened my online business on a shoestring – Now I make more money than ever. Over £16'000 per month...

...Plus I'm having fun. Lots of fun!
You can learn how too...

Mili Ponce attended my
‘Internet Millionaires Bootcamp’ in London.
Prior to attending she knew nothing about Internet marketing. And yet within a month she had built up a few thousand Twitter followers and made $800 online by promoting Clickbank.com affiliate products to them.


“I made $50,000 in 7 months thanks to Twitter!”

My names Paul O’Mahony, I'm from Ireland. I attended Marks Internet marketing workshop in September 2009, in London. Within 7 months I had made $50,000 thanks to Twitter! - In fact, I made my first sales DURING the event!


“I make $20,000 a month thanks to Facebook and I’ve dropped all other forms of marketing, after attending Mark's Speedcash Event!” - Tom Miller

Tom Miller is a 25-year old Australian living in London.

He sent me an email a little while after attending my SpeedCash Workshop, letting me know that he had made $2,700 that month, thanks to Facebook!

“Thank you for a fantastic seminar! I am going to be the next online Millionaire!!!!  I have never felt so creative in my life, its like the world is just out there full of opportunities for me to take advantage of an over-abundance!!!  If I use only 1% of what you taught I know I will be financially free!” - Jo Mumbe


“Mark Anastasi has completely changed my life over the past 5 months. I now have an entrepreneurial mindset which is priceless. I unreservedly recommend Mark’s course to anyone who wants to improve their life and be inspired!” - Lisabeth Protherough


“Since attending your seminar 5 months ago, I set up an automated website like yours and it now generates more than $10,000 a month! Thanks!!” – Rory


“Thank you for putting on such an amazing seminar on Wealth Creation! I was really blown away. There was stacks of content: I came away with so many new ideas. I had loads of fun – all the other delegates were fantastic too. The combination of the Psychology of Wealth, along with the explosive potential of Online Marketing was truly amazing. And all in just one packed weekend! So, thank you once again!” - Paul Stuart


“Mark is dynamic and inspirational. He is an example to anyone who has hit rock bottom and with motivation and sheer determination he changed his circumstances to become a success. This has been the most in-depth online marketing information that I have ever been exposed to!” - Karen Mills


"If it wasn't for Mark Anastasi I wouldn't be where I am today, because he created an opportunity for me JUST by holding an event where I was able to connect with like-minded people - this is why you need to break hrough your fears - who you can help when you breakthrough is LIMITLESS." - Aaron Darko


Hi Mark ;)

I just wanted to share with you some good news and how much I'm enjoying my life at the moment ;)

It's unbelievble, but 6 years after your first seminar you're still affecting my life ;)

back Then I was an aupair, not having a penny... Now I'm happily married with a beautiful son.

After selling my 3 bed flat (which I bought after attending your seminar without a penny) and paid off mortgage, it made me 40k and now I owe a 1 bed flat without mortgage which is rented and making me passive income every month ;)

I set up a private nursery ;) Without advertisment I got 8 kids just with word of mouth...So the nursery will pay off the mortgage on my new large house and We'll live upstairs rent free...

I'm creating lots of value for people at the moment!

I just wanted to shout this out loud to attract even more goodness to my life ;)

And I got lots of ideas on making money ;) it's everywhere around me ;)

So I just wanted to say thank you!
keep up the good work you're doing!!!

Lots of love!!!




“Hi Mark, thank you very much. I came to your seminar, I went home and I did it, what you say.

I now make between $15,000 and $20,000 a month thanks to CPA offers on Facebook pages and mobile marketing. I think this is the next big thing!”
           Alusine Sesay


“Yes Mark, I'm one of your long member of your Coaching Program (which is truly a fantastic treasure trove of tools and strategies to make money online - FAST!) and I've just applied the basic FB strategy taught by yourself.

I just put an ad looking for FB outsourcers in manila through craigslist (just like you teach) and selected three outsourcers out of all applicants and trained them.

Each one of them is managing 4 to 6 accounts adding approximately 1400 new friends a week.

I've started with this strategy about a month ago and I've already made over $3,000 with this strategy alone!”

Matt Traverso


"Hey Mark, You don't know me yet, but I went to your Ultimate Traffic Generation Summit in April where I signed up for Scott Rewick's Media Mentors course.

This month I'm going to do at least $20,000 in revenue and by the time you hold your next seminar I will have gone past the $100,000 mark.

I'll get on stage and tell people about it and hopefully motivate them to do it too!

Just thought I'd let you know in advance so you can get printing my VIP guest pass hehe ;)

Take it easy bro,


“Hey Mark! I first became interested in the GDN after Armand Morin speak at The Ultimate Traffic Generation Summit in April, great event by the way.  Since then I have been working with Jon Pitts who you may know of, experimenting with the GDN and promoting clickbank products in the weight loss niche.

Since May 25th we have over 8,400 subscribers and this list is growing by at least 200 per day.

We have also turned over more than $1,600 in sales (which isn't a lot considering the size of the list), but the next stage really is to refine our sales funnel then scale up, set up new niches etc.

We spent around $700 to build the list to 8,000.
We're going to be looking into facebook ads soon! Let me know when your next event is, I'll definitely be there!”

Tom Limb


“Hi Mark, I attended your Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar 5 weeks ago and I’m already making money thanks to Facebook!

From my personal Facebook profiles I've made $200 promoting affiliate links to bodybuilding supplements.

Also, I set up a professional Facebook fan page and I’m managing the Facebook marketing for one of the top cosmetic dentists in the country.

I charged £200 for the fan page design, and for every fan I get to their page I earn 40p, so for every 1,000 fans I get to like their fan page I make £400.

My aim is to get the fan page 10,000 fans and make £4,000 from this contract.

I also have two more clients lined up who were fascinated at what Facebook could do for them, after I discussed how targeted Facebook adverts can be, how a business can build a relationship with its fans, and how they can build their email list!”

  Jonathan Pitts



Take this unprecedented opportunity to grab one of the last few remaining seats at one of the most results-producing series wealth creation events ever conducted in the UK. With HUNDREDS of raving testimonials. Many MILLIONS in combined earnings from Past Attendees.

 It ALL proves beyond question that for Only £297.00! This 3 day training event is the bargain of year.

Register for your ticket now, because there’s Only 250 Tickets – And  They WILL Go Fast!

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